15-17 September 2021
Europe/Warsaw timezone

List of all talks/topics

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Roman Gilg
15/09/2021, 19:20
Lightning Talk

Quick overview of ongoing efforts to improve upon the current state of text input and input method Wayland protocols.

Roman Gilg
17/09/2021, 14:05
Talk (half slot) (CLOSED)

The big change in KWinFT this year is the replacement of all its own hardware backend plugins for its Wayland session with a single backend talking to wlroots.

This talk goes into detail on:

  • reasons for this strategic move,
  • technical realization,
  • outcome with advantages and disadvantages,
  • long-term impact on the ecosystem.
Victor Manuel Jáquez Leal (Igalia)
17/09/2021, 17:00
Talk (half slot) (CLOSED)

In April of this year, Khronos released a provisional set of extensions: VK_KHR_video_queue, VK_KHR_video_decoder_queue and VK_KHR_video_encoder_queue. They all aim for hardware accelerated video decoding and encoder with the Vulkan API. In this talk, we will introduce the basics of video decoding and give an overview of the...

Jeremy White (CodeWeavers) , Arkadiusz Hiler (CodeWeavers)
17/09/2021, 17:50
Lightning Talk

In this talk we'll reveal the location and vintage of XDC 2022.

Jason Ekstrand (Intel) , Bas Nieuwenhuizen (RADV)
17/09/2021, 17:55
Lightning Talk

Conclusions from the BVH building break-out

Martin Roukala (néé Peres) (X.Org / Valve contractor)
17/09/2021, 18:15
Lightning Talk

Just a quick recap from the testing workshop.

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