Travel grants

Do you have an interesting project in the Open Source graphics stack? Whether it's the Linux Kernel , Mesa, DRM, Wine, Wayland or X11, whether it’s upstreamed or work in progress, or just an inception of an Open Source graphics idea, XDC 2022 is the perfect opportunity to present your work and connect with the Open Source graphics community.

If you need funding to travel to XDC, X.Org foundation’s generous travel sponsoring fund has got you covered! At X.Org, we aim to allow anyone with interest in attending XDC to do so.  Similarly, the Wine Project has a sponsorship fund, which should allow anyone needing assistance with the costs of travel to attend as well.

Any program proposal will be considered for a grant. Please include your request in your CFP submission. Grants are approved independently of program acceptance.

Note that this travel grant is separate from any other sponsorship you might have through the Open Source internship programs such as Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, or your University.

So take advantage of this amazing opportunity and submit your talk before the CfP deadline of July 4th 2022!

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